Installing Migration Manager Components

Plesk Migration Manager consists of the following two components:

  1. Plesk Migration Manager - should be installed on the server with Plesk where you want to migrate your hosting data.
  2. Plesk Migration Agent - should be installed on the remote server from which you want to migrate data.

These components are available for downloading at the Parallels (formerly SWsoft) official site at the Download Plesk for Windows page. When the page opens, scroll down to locate the list of utilities for your version of Plesk for Windows, then, follow the Plesk Migration Manager and Plesk Migration Agent download links in the Migration Utilities section.

Note: Install Plesk Migration Manager components from one package. Otherwise, migration will fail.

After you have installed Plesk Migration Manager components, you can configure them and start migrating your hosted data to Plesk.

In this section:

Installing Migration Manager

Installing Migration Agent