Enabling Integration with Sitebuilder

Sitebuilder is a Web site creation and content management system developed by Parallels. It has proven to be highly popular with site administrators because it enables users without any technical skills and knowledge of markup languages to create professionally looking Web sites.

To allow your Web hosting customers to create and publish their sites using Sitebuilder, do the following:

  1. Install Sitebuilder on the same server where Plesk is installed, if you did not install it during installation of Plesk. This version of Plesk supports only connections to locally installed Sitebuilder systems.
  2. Install a license key for Sitebuilder. Log in to Sitebuilder at URL http://your server's ip address or hostname/Admin, go to Server > License Management > Upload License Key. Select the license key file in XML or ZIP format and click OK.
  3. Log in to Plesk, click the Server shortcut in the navigation pane and click Sitebuilder Support.
  4. Specify the server administrator's username and password that you specified in Sitebuilder during installation. They will be used by Plesk for authorization in the Sitebuilder system.
  5. Click OK.

Now Plesk is connected to Sitebuilder, and the Sitebuilder section appears in Plesk's navigation pane providing the following shortcuts to the Sitebuilder administration panel:

You can provide your customers with access to site creation and management services on a per user or per site basis: there are individual settings that you can adjust for a user account (Clients > client name > Preferences) and for a Web site (Domains > domain name > Setup).

All customers who were given access to site creation and management services will be able to create and update their sites by following the Sitebuilder Wizard shortcut which will appear in the domain management screens of their Plesk control panels (domain name > Sitebuilder Wizard). Also, in users' control panels, the following shortcuts will appear in the navigation pane to allow them to manage their own accounts and sites through Sitebuilder: Desktop, Users, Sites, Server (client's control panel); Desktop and Sites (domain administrator's control panel).