Removing Modules

You can remove modules from Plesk in two ways: from the control panel (recommended), and from the command line.

To remove a module using a control panel:

  1. Login as admin to the control panel.
  2. Select the Modules shortcut in the navigation pane.
  3. Click Manage Modules.
  4. Select a checkbox corresponding to the module you wish to remove, and click Remove selected icon. Remove Selected.

To remove a module from the command line:

  1. Login as root to the server, where Plesk is installed.
  2. Run the command /plesk_installation_directory/admin/bin/modulemng --remove --module=<module_codename>.


    /usr/local/psa/admin/bin/modulemng --remove --module=cs-gs

You can look up a module's codename by running the following command:

# echo "SELECT name, display_name FROM psa.Modules;" | mysql -u admin –p<admin_password> psa