Performing Migration Within a Single Server

If you wish to migrate to Plesk 8 from another hosting platform or earlier versions of Plesk, and cannot afford additional hardware for this operation, you can do it using the data import feature of Plesk Migration Manager.

To migrate your data using data import feature:

  1. Mount the disk with an existing Plesk installation.
  2. Choose the migration agent suitable for your source hosting platform. Migration agents are stored in the directory /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/agents/ on your Plesk drive:
  3. Change to the directory /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/var/ on your Plesk drive, copy all agent-related files and subdirectories from /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/agents/agent_name/ to the current directory.
  4. Copy all files and subdirectories from /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/agents/shared/ to the current directory.
  5. Start the migration agent with get-status option: ./<your platform name>.pl --get-status.
  6. If agent suits your platform, you will be able to make a copy of all data using the option dump-all, or make a copy of selected entities using the option dump-domains for migrating domains, or dump-accounts for migrating user accounts (you can run the migration agent with h option for details). For example: <agent_file_name> --dump-domains=domain1, domain2, domain3.
  7. Once agent has finished its job, move the contents of the directory /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/var/pma to the directory /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/archives and copy the file /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/var/<your platform name>.xml to /plesk_installation_directory/PMM/var/dump.xml.
  8. Reboot to the operating system where Plesk is installed.
  9. After successful boot up, log in to the control panel, click the Server shortcut, then click the Migration Manager icon, and then click Start Migration.
  10. Select the Import configuration mode option, and follow the instructions presented on the screen.