Becoming Familiar with Plesk's Interface

When you log in to control panel, it can open in either a standard view, a simplified desktop view, or a combination of both. The standard view is a customary view of the control panel divided into two main areas: navigation pane on the left and the main screen where operations are performed on the right.

Administrator's standard interface view

The desktop view can show server statistics and shortcuts to the operations you frequently perform—everything you may need can now be accessible from a single screen.

Administrator's desktop view

You can switch between the views (by installing the appropriate license key) or use a combination of them for your control panel. You can also specify what view should be shown to other control panel users. To customize your control panel, refer to the Customizing the Control Panel chapter.

Note: When Parallels Plesk Sitebuilder, the site creation and management program, is installed on the server and Plesk is connected to it, a few more shortcuts related to Sitebuilder management are added to the Plesk navigation pane. For more information about connecting Plesk to Sitebuilder and using the shortcuts to Sitebuilder, refer to the section Enabling Integration with Sitebuilder.

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Items in the Desktop View

Items in the Standard View