Configuring Statistics

After installation, the control panel's statistical utility is set up to:

To review or adjust these settings:

  1. Click the Server shortcut in the navigation pane.
  2. Click the Server Preferences icon in the Control Panel group.
  3. Under the System preferences group, specify the term during which the bandwidth usage statistics should be kept for your customers.
  4. Specify the items that should be considered when disk space and bandwidth usage is calculated.
  5. Click OK.

Note: In addition to the settings related to statistics, this screen provides the means to rename your server's hostname, and the option to allow or forbid users to create new subdomains and domain aliases in the DNS zones belonging to other users (the Do not let users create DNS subzones in other users' DNS superzones check box). We recommend that you select this check box, otherwise, users will be able to create subdomains under domains belonging to other users, and set up Web sites and e-mail accounts which could be used for spamming or even phishing or identity theft.

For instruction on viewing statistics, refer to the chapter Viewing Statistics.