Managing FTP Accounts

Operator: <ftp-user>

XML Schema: ftpuser.xsd

Plesk version: Plesk 8.1 for Windows

API RPC version:

Plesk user: Plesk Administrator, Plesk Client


Generally speaking, Plesk supports two types of FTP accounts: 'default' and 'additional'. The ftp-user operator affects only 'additional' FTP accounts, accounts of the 'default' type are managed with the domain and webuser operators.

'Default' FTP accounts are the following:

'Additional' FTP accounts are FTP accounts that can be created and used in addition to 'default' ones. They bring flexibility to managing FTP access to domains, allowing users - other than domain, subdomain and web user - to access particular domain directory with particular rights.

Plesk Administrators can manage FTP accounts on all domains. Plesk Clients can manage FTP accounts on all domains created for their account on conditions that they are granted the 'FTP subaccount management' permission.

Supported operations

Operator <ftp-user> supports four operations:

  • ADD creates FTP account on a domain specified by its name or ID
  • SET changes properties of a specified FTP account
  • DEL deletes FTP account from a specified domain
  • GET retrieves information on properties of specified FTP account(s) on particular domain(s)


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