Section 3.3.1 Managing Mail System Purpose

The majority of tasks related to administration of mail accounts can be handled by the utility. The following tasks can be performed with its help: creation/update/removal of mail names, setup of preferences for mailboxes, redirects and mail groups. Autoresponder settings can also be controlled with this utility. Usage

Usage: command <mail_name> [options]

Available commands and options:

Command Parameter Action
--create or -c <mail_name>@<domain> creates a mail account
--update or -u <mail_name>@<domain> updates mail account parameters
--remove or -r <mail_name>@<domain> removes a mail account
--on <domain> enables mail service for a domain
--off <domain> disables mail service for a domain
--info or -i <mail_name>@<domain> retrieves mail account information
--help or -h   displays help on the utility usage
Option Parameter Note
-cp_access <true|false> enables control panel access
-mailbox <true|false> creates/removes a mailbox
-passwd <passwd> sets a mailbox password
-boxpass <passwd> an obsolete alias for the "passwd" option (this option may be removed from future releases)
-passwd_type <plain|crypt> specifies the type of the mailbox password; ignored if no password is specified
-mbox_quota <KB> limits the mailbox quota to the desired amount
-aliases <add|del>:<name1[,name2]> adds or deletes mail alias(es) to/from a mail name
-mgroups <add|del>:<list1[,list2]> adds or removes a mail name to/from a mail group
-redirect <true|false> switches mail redirect on/off
-rediraddr <addr> sets redirect to an address (required if the redirect is enabled)
-group <true|false> switches a mail group on/off
-groupmem <add|del>:<addr1[,addr2]> adds/removes address(-es) to/from a mail group
-multiple-sessions <true|false>
allows multiple sessions

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